Brandt Service Center

Located off NE service road of Highway 2 and Highway 42 near Penhold, Alberta. Our current, active project that is near completion is our Brandt Service Center formerly Cervus John Deere. Seated on 13 acres, centered is a 44,000 sq. ft. 16-bay shop. Within this diverse project we engaged many tasks such as

  • Demolition
  • Trenching, shallow utility line re-route
  • Topsoil stripping
  • Sub grade preparation and compaction
  • Main building site preparation
  • Surface water management systems include installation of culverts and construction of storm retention ponds
  • Deep service connections water, sanitary and storm sewer
  • Final grading, supply, placement and compaction of aggregate materials.
  • In house survey of area quantity’s, grading features, linework features, underground line layout, building location, culvert alignments, as-builts
Excavated field with Cervus coming soon sign

Topsoil stripping

Heavy construction equipment starting excavation

Topsoil stripping

Construction site prepped

Grading, contouring

Storm pond excavation

Grading, contouring

Heavy construction equipment spreading material

Fill, grade, compaction and density test in lifts.

Construction site with water utility infrastructure

Building pad at finished subgrade

Install water and sanitary lines

Install water and sanitary lines

Interior building subfloor prep

Exterior base prep

Innisfail Ball Diamond 7

Located in Innisfail, Alberta. Adjacent to the Innisfail sports Arena. Ball Diamond 7 underwent construction intent on making it a feature hardball diamond, suitable for hosting provincial and national tournaments. Key tasks in completion of this project included

  • Drainage improvements
  • Trenching and installation of shallow irrigation water main lines
  • Fine grading of key features, such as infield bases, pitching mound, dugout pads, warning track, swales and backslopes.
  • Precise installation of sand and shale for bases and the warning track
  • In house survey of stripping quantity’s, linework features, grading features
Construction grader levelling ground

Topsoil stripping of construction area

Ball diamond under construction

Salvage and remove old shale. Backslope and drainage swale grading

Heavy construction equipment working on ball diamond

Precise contour grading

Construction equipment spreading dirt

Supply and placement of topsoil for infield green space

Grading, marking out baselines, topsoil placement on green areas around the site.

Final Grading, topsoil placement

Freeman Insurance Office

Located at 5011 40 Avenue Innisfail, Alberta. Construction of Freeman Insurance office and parking lot took on a variety of tasks including

  • Sanitary and water connection from property line into building
  • Storm water management, installation of storm water lines and catch basins
  • Detailed excavation, backfill and compaction for building foundation
  • Interior building base prep, supply, place and compact sand/gravel to underside floor elevation
  • Subgrade preparation and proof roll. Supply, place and compact gravel materials to underside of asphalt elevation
  • In house survey of building corners and final grade elevations, underground line layout, lot grading, layout of curb, medians, islands.

Water and sanitary tie ins

Heavy equipment excavating construction site

Installation of storm water collection system

Detailed excavation for wall footings, piles. Grade, prep and supply material for interior concrete floor structure.

Grading and graveling of parking lot structure.